Learn Photography

By Yvan Fournier

Learn Photography

By Yvan Fournier


With a Degree in Photography and many years experience in both professional camera sales and professional photography, Yvan Fournier has developed an extensive canon of photographic knowledge covering a wide range of photographic equipment and processes.

What to Expect

Leveraging off this treasure trove of experience and expertise, Yvan has developed a series of practical photographic coaching sessions designed to improve each client’s photographic skills.

Yvan is known for his easy-to-understand methods of coaching and simplified explanations of photographic concepts. To maximise the benefit to his clients, Yvan employs personalised lessons in real life settings. These coaching sessions are simple and fun, easily delivering the required expertise, while continually addressing the client’s needs.

Yvan has earned the nickname “The Professor” because he has the singular ability to take the complex and make it simple, a skill that endears him to his clients world-wide.

The sessions range from landscapes and portraits to macro photography. If a simple lesson in the basics of good photography is desired, Yvan provides an encouraging atmosphere for learning to take place.

He is also conversant with the latest post-production techniques that will turn an ordinary photo into an extraordinary one. All this is accomplished in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere at a comfortable pace, ensuring the client’s satisfaction.

What’s Included

The Coaching Sessions include:

  • planning the client’s direction
  • giving the client constructive feedback on their work to help improve their skills
  • identifying key areas requiring attention relevant to accelerating their performance
  • introducing new skills required to progress from beginner to intermediate to advanced
  • learning how to work in any given venue, be it indoors or an environmental shoot
  • developing an overall management plan (use of space and time; equipment and facilities required)
  • learning how to keep instructions simple and clear
  • breaking complex tasks into manageable bites
  • enabling the client to maximise their enjoyment of Photography

In helping those clients that require it to make the transition from film to digital, Yvan combines the age-old, basic principles of photography with new creative technologies and his own flair to help clients create unique, enduring images.

If Yvan can successfully teach individuals how to decipher a Rubik’s Cube, you can rest assured he will be able to unlock the secrets of photography for his clients.


1990- 1992

UNSW Sydney

Bachelor Degree in Visual Arts
Major in Photography