Wedding Photography

By Yvan Fournier

Wedding Photography

By Yvan Fournier


Drawing on his extensive professional photographic experience, both here and abroad, as well as his Bachelor Degree in Photography, Yvan Fournier creates superbly crafted wedding photos unparalleled in their inspirational quality and uniqueness.

Your Wedding

Your wedding symbolises the union of two souls, the beginning of a romantic relationship, so it’s essential to capture the entire experience professionally with meticulous attention to every vital detail. It’s your special day and it will be treated as such, becoming your most treasured memory.

You will find Yvan’s style of photography quite unique. Ideally he prefers to get to know you both informally prior to your wedding day. Perhaps a few months before the day, Yvan will arrange a photo shoot for the two of you as part of the wedding package. This will help you to become familiar with his style, to trust his camera and to view the results in advance. You may even wish to use one of the photos for your invitations.

On the day his presence will be both unobtrusive and discrete, capturing the most private, loving moments in a most unexpected way. He has an eye for spontaneously creating a fresh image. When directing groups his special charm allows him to achieve incredible shots. Both young and old relate easily to his camera.

Colour; soft , vivid, faithful , cross process or black and white and with colour toning. PosProcessing are his specialty. This is where his creativity is clearly demonstrated. You will have wedding portraits that are truly unique, prints that will inspire generations, elicit admiration and be the envy of others. Yvan’s image-making is customised to your particular needs and the result is archival art prints you will enjoy for many years, a record for posterity upon which you can build a library of special memories.

Your wedding day should be carefree and relaxed, having confidence that your photographer will do a brilliant and professional job.

Have fun & let it unfold…


1990- 1992

UNSW Sydney

Bachelor Degree in Visual Arts
Major in Photography


We were so privileged to have Yvan as our photographer. He managed to just slot into the madness and was a fantastic calming influence. His professionalism was tested and he still emerged with an A+. Thanks Yvan for your talent and friendship over the past few days. The day would not have gone nearly as well without you. Best wishes and kind regards.